Monday July 22nd, 2024

Monochrome Monday: The Tobacco Brown Edition

This is a nod to the shade only corporate girlies knew the importance of…

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Tobacco Brown Edition

For years, brown has been relegated to the sidelines of fashion, seen more as a practical, neutral tone than a bold sartorial statement. Yet, in recent seasons, this once-overlooked colour has made a powerful comeback, reshaping the industry both regionally and globally.

The growing embrace of brown signals a significant shift in consumer preferences and the creative direction of leading brands. Where beige and tan once reigned supreme as the go-to neutrals, shades of brown - from rich chocolate to camel - are now commanding the spotlight. 

Designers are responding in kind, incorporating brown into their collections with increasing frequency and creativity. From head-to-toe monochrome brown looks to strategic pops of the hue accenting otherwise neutral palettes, brown has become a versatile tool in the hands of the industry's most influential creatives. 

This week's Monochrome takes a cue from this hue, exploring the multifaceted world of Tobacco Brown as we unveil the latest fashion must-haves from regional labels.

Emergency Room Beirut | The Beirut Show 2.0: Look 28

A playful clash of textures, this short dress crafted from eco-conscious fur drapes over a fluid, bias-cut skirt, resulting in a look that's both playful and sophisticated - with a little ‘rawr’. 

Bouguessa | Elo Signature Vest

Versatility is a must for any wardrobe, and this ‘Iced Coffee’ vest embraces the ‘90s trend, perfect for various occasions. 

Dania Shinkar | GAGA Bag

In Italian-made opulence, this contemporary bag, made from buttery soft nappa leather, turns heads with its unique handle and light gold hardware. A hand-wrapped leather piping traces the bag's silhouette, creating a clean and elegant line. 

Yassmin Saleh | The Curve Skirt

This luxurious leather skirt is perfect for jazzing up any outfit. The gold brooch detailing and curved cut of the waist elevate the design, while the trendy brown hue adds an oomph. 

Lea the Label | Calico Set in Cafe

This sumptuous two-piece boasts a rich brown shade that flatters all skin tones. The brand’s signature minimalist design exudes timeless style. 

Amina Muaddi | Lupita Slipper

This pair from Amina Muaddi tackles two equations at once: the classiness of a heel and the summer-y need for a slipper. 

Noon by Noor | Capa Cape

The dramatic back is where the magic happens. From the shoulders, a cascade of fabric flows down, creating a delicate train from the sheer material. 

Hamda Fahim | Sheer Canyon

The ombre effect creates a sense of grounded elegance. The rich brown at the top evokes strength and sophistication, while the lighter beige at the base adds lightness and grace to this figure-hugging dress.