Monday July 22nd, 2024

Egyptian Label Tas Fuses Local Craftsmanship with Global Inspiration

Founded by Dutch-Egyptian duo Sarah Khodir and Nourhan El Serafy, Tas is turning heads one metallic clutch at a time.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Founded in Cairo by Dutch-Egyptian architect Sarah Khodir and business woman Nourhan El Serafy, Egyptian accessory label Tas is cultivating a distinctive aesthetic that pays tribute to both tradition and evolution. Inspired by Khodir's dual heritage and memories of her childhood spent between the Netherlands and Egypt, Tas seamlessly blends multicultural influences with a bold outspoken aesthetic.

As Khodir tells SceneStyled, the name ‘Tas’ comes from the Dutch word for ‘bag,’ representing her connection to both identities. Growing up, Khodir harbored a profound passion for unique accessories, tirelessly saving to build her collection. This affinity inspired her journey into design alongside El Serafy, her longtime friend and now business partner.

“Our shared passion for fashion, particularly bags, shoes, and accessories, prompted us to delve into this world. The inspiration struck when both of us. As new mothers, we sought a bag that was both practical and stylish.” Khodir shares with SceneStyled. “Realizing how people tend to stick to one bag for a considerable period, we decided to design our first bag, and the positive response from others marked the beginning of our journey.” she adds.

While the early days posed challenges as they introduced new concepts, Khodir says perseverance and faith kept them going. After starting with practical yet stylish diaper bags, Khodir and El Serafy felt their passion waning and began carving a new path that truly embodied their vision. "We craved something distinctive that would uniquely identify Tas," Khodir tells us.

It was through contemplating women's daily lives that their new path became clear. Motivated by the notion that fashion should be tailored to each individual, Tas decided to incorporate empowering quotes directly into their designs. "Our vision was for every woman to feel that her bag is custom-made for her," says Khodir.

Writing the quotes in Arabic was a conscious choice reflecting their cultural roots, making the bags even more distinct. The label’s latest collection features compact, sleek rectangles in metallic hues, with striking ornamental motifs embossed along its silhouette. Earlier lines featured classic silhouettes that were complemented by spherical copper handles inlaid with stones and accentuated by the Arabic calligraphy.

As their journey continues alongside challenges, Khodir remains hopeful. "Exciting developments are on the horizon that I believe will mark a turning point," she shares. Through her commitment, Sarah Khodir is helping Tas cultivate a vision that is both bold and beautiful.