Monday July 22nd, 2024

This Egyptian Athleisure Brand is Getting in ‘Forme’ for the Summer

Stocked up with minimal and versatile pieces, Forme Studios is all about living the laid-back life in style.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Monochromatic sets have long been wardrobe staples for good reason. Beyond their ease of styling - or lack thereof, to be quite blunt, really - there’s an undeniable air of effortless refinement that emanates from minimal fashion. Founded in February 2024, Forme Studios is Egypt’s latest activewear design studio that is all about living the laid-back life in style, blurring the lines between everyday loungewear and fitness attire, all while looking effortlessly good.

Stocked up with meticulously tailored and form-fitting minimal monochromatic sets and individual pieces made to mix and match, Forme Studios’ inaugural collection, ‘Core’, is all about understated aesthetics made to last, and made to “effortlessly transition from day to night, and work to play.” Offering sculpted yoga pants, slim-fit zip-ups, oversized sweats, and form-fitting tees with the brand’s text emblem, Forme’s aesthetic is laser-focused on clean lines, solid colors, and, to put it simply, looking effortlessly good.

Brought upon by the search for comfortable and versatile wear, Forme Studios came about when co-founders Yara El-Taify and Hossam Soliman struggled to find a brand that struck a balance between style and practicality. “We’ve always had a deep appreciation for the fitness lifestyle and everything that came with it, and we couldn’t really find a brand that celebrated that.” Yara El-Taify, Forme Studios’ co-founder, shares with SceneStyled.

Thus taking matters into their own hands, the brand was born, and the duo’s vision for the brand began to materialize. “What we aimed to deliver with Forme is versatility, stylish everyday wear that you can work out in, run errands, or simply grab a bite with your friends.” El-Taify shares. With a mission to celebrate all different shapes and sizes, the name ‘Forme’ came to be. “[The brand name] draws from the desire to create pieces that are made to complement all shapes, sizes, and forms.” she adds.

While Forme Studios remains in its youthful beginnings, El-Taify and Soliman are excited to experiment with different styles and silhouettes that build upon their versatile vision. Looking back, ElTaify reflects on their journey, “it’s definitely been a journey with Forme, so many challenges and obstacles, but they’ve all positively shaped the brand. The positive feedback has definitely been the most rewarding experience.”

Now, if you’ve perhaps been looking to add a touch of  athleisure to your wardrobe, you know where to look. Oh and, don’t forget your iced-coffee and neutral backdrop for that weekend Insta dump.