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SceneStyled Picks: Our Favourite Stylists Across the Region

Fashion's unsung heroes- right here from our region.

Mai El Mokadem

SceneStyled Picks: Our Favourite Stylists Across the Region

Stylists serve as the backbone of our sartorial world, blending and concocting recipes in their style labs to breathe life into the fashion stories they create. Whether it's for shoots, runways, brands, personal styling, or image consultancy, these alchemists are indispensable in the realm of fashion. They possess the remarkable ability to transform a plain white shirt into an edgy, editorial masterpiece that highlights its hidden beauty and takes it to new heights.

With their discerning eyes and a knack for dusting away the mundane, these stylists infuse every outfit with excitement and spice. They share four common traits: stunning portfolios, regional roots, a sense of style reminiscent of icons like Carrie Bradshaw and Fran Fine, and a well-deserved chance to be hired at the 'Runway' office (if you know, you know).

In this list, we celebrate some of the best stylists in the region, whose imprint is felt at every step of the sartorial path. They leave their mark on celebrities, international household names, and regional brands, shaping the fashion landscape with their unparalleled talent.

Gonca Akkel | UAE

Hailing from Germany and currently based in Dubai, this stylist is renowned for her skillful fusion of minimalism and daring elements. With a keen eye for amplification, she expertly employs statement jewellery, flowing silhouettes, and cinching belts to elevate her ensembles. Having worked with prestigious brands such as Bloomingdales and Loewe, as well as collaborating with tastemakers like Felt Paris and Neutra, Akkel firmly believes in accentuating every outfit she creates.

Mariam El Kholy | Egypt

Bringing a vibrant energy to Egypt's fashion scene, El Kholy primarily focuses on creating captivating editorial shoots. She consistently delivers work for renowned brands such as Okhtein, while also styling notable celebrities like Hanan Motawie and Heba Magdy. Her creative touch extends to music videos like 'Ayam' by Wael El Fashni and Mohamed Nawara, as well as editorial projects like 'Colorverse' and 'KHRŌMA'.

Daniel Negron Stapel | UAE

Splitting his time between Dubai and Ibiza, Stapel is a specialist in infusing a distinct edge into commercial projects such as Madinat Jumeirah and Jubail Island. While some stylists may opt for a more conventional approach when working on non-editorial endeavours, Stapel remains committed to upholding his high-fashion aesthetic. This commitment is evident in his notable collaborations with brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chaumet, and Loro Piana.

Oumayma Elboumeshouli | Morocco

The Moroccan stylist skillfully combines masculine power with feminine grace, utilising sharp tailoring, sensual silhouettes, and structured garments. Notably, she favours padded, broad shoulders and vibrant pops of colour. With her discerning eye, she expertly interprets trends, creating her unique version of style for brands such as Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Yves Saint Laurent, and Maison Margiela.

Aigerim Toktamys | UAE

Operating from Dubai, Toktamys possesses a distinctive and audacious style that permeates through each of her projects. Her visionary approach fearlessly pushes boundaries, transforming fashion shoots for Nora Habbal, L'alingi London, and Lilo into captivating creative endeavours that transcend the conventional notion of mere 'campaigns'.

Yasmine Kenawi | Egypt

Kenawi skillfully curates bold and feminine looks for a roster of megastars. From Salma Abudeif and Jamila Awad to Rakeen Saad, Asmaa Galal, and Erica Hammod, Kenawi leaves her mark across a multitude of events and red carpets.

Hussy ElCeliemy | UAE

ElCeliemy fearlessly embraces the art of juxtaposition, skillfully combining unexpected elements to create visually captivating ensembles that ignite the imagination. With a penchant for eccentric accessories and asymmetrical cuts, this Dubai-based creative's unique style demands a closer look into their fashion repertoire. Notably, ElCeliemy has styled the likes of May El Ghety, Salma Abu Deif, and even collaborated with renowned brand Adidas.

Sarah Isa | UAE

From Toronto to Los Angeles to Dubai, Isa has made her mark on the global fashion scene, leaving her distinctive style signature wherever she goes. With a portfolio that includes styling influencers such as Rania Fawaz, Dima AL Sheikhly, Ola Farahat, Jessica Kahawaty, Huda Shahin, and many others, Isa effortlessly combines a contemporary, upscale streetwear aesthetic with a nostalgic nod to 90s music videos.

Esraa Wagdy | Egypt

Wagdy exudes an urban coolness that infuses every ensemble she creates, weaving a captivating narrative of drama and intrigue. Collaborating with brands such as Brava Cairo, Tas, Be Positive, Taleie, and Sekhmet, she adds edgy details that push the boundaries of conventional fashion.

Nourhan Elashry | Saudi Arabia

From leather gloves to avant-garde sunglasses and lace tights, Elashry fearlessly incorporates an array of eclectic pieces into her creations. Her expertise extends to styling celebrities such as Rania Mansour, Mohamed Hamed, and Logaina Salah, as well as collaborating with brands like Auroras, Chateau Ze, Katee by Kristina, and Louis Diamonds.

Nujoud Oweis | Jordan

The Jordanian stylist's work and personal style are a vibrant explosion of colour, texture, and print, evident in her collaborations with the likes of Al Rawabi School for Girls' cast, Essentiel Antwerp, Reemami, Poppy Lissiman, and Swatch. Fearlessly embracing maximalism, she skillfully incorporates bold prints, layered silhouettes, and statement accessories that command attention.

Mostafa Waheed | Egypt

Waheed's aesthetic is a blend of sass and a nod to the classics. In addition to styling celebrities such as Asmaa Galal and Nour Aboulela, he has collaborated with notable brands like Nine Hundred Sixty Six, Sara Onsi, and Michael Cinco. Waheed's unique approach adds a touch of flair to his styling endeavours, leaving a lasting impression in the fashion landscape.