Monday July 22nd, 2024

Monochrome Monday: The Wine Red Edition

From regal velvets to sleek couture, this wine red hue persists in capturing the essence of elegance and rebellion.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Wine Red, akin to the watery layers of a fine Bordeaux, unfurls tales of opulence. Originating in the 1800s in Burgundy, France (and yes, that’s where the colour Burgundy gets its name), it made its mark both in wine cellars and Victorian fashion, commanding attention with the same intensity as true red. As the colour seeped into the threads of history, it became a statement, demanding recognition and embodying sophistication. Its roots in French wine culture expanded into a global embrace, symbolising at once luxury, passion, and rebellion.

This Monochrome Monday, we’re drinking to Wine Red - or Burgundy…whatever floats your boat.

Karen Wazen

The ‘Blaze’ Frames

In a stunning shade of Burgundy, Karen Wazen’s Blaze frames are the perfect pair to paint the town (wine) red.

Andrea Wazen

The Katy 105 in Bordeaux

Featuring Andrea Wazen’s signature ruching details, the Katy 105 is a timeless classic in a shade sure to draw the eye.

Sara Elemary

The Silk Burgundy Skirt

Soft, supple, and as smooth as silk - well, quite literally - Egyptian modest label Sara Elemary’s Silk Burgundy Skirt is the perfect sartorial weapon this winter battle season.


The Dawn Top & Skirt

A modern and somewhat daring take on a classic silhouette, Harithand by Harith Hashim’s silk burgundy ensemble screams - or mind you, whispers, class.


The Marcolin

Set A femme fatale manifestation of luxury and confidence, Egyptian label Mioj’s Marcolin set serves effortless luxury on a wine red plate.

Zaid by Zaid Farouki

Tailored Trousers in Blood Red

A signature silhouette in blood red, Palestinian designer, Zaid Farouki, champions luxury minimalism through his classic trousers.


The ‘Noha Shirt’

As light as a breeze in supple silk, Tarek Moukaddem’s Noha Shirt for his Beirut-based label, Nightcomer, simply exudes calm in a striking hue

Nuniz Cairo

Qalby Fo’ El Shagara Bag

A label that takes pride in being storytellers, Nuniz’ Qalby Fo’ El Shagara Bag draws from nature’s verdant leaves, fashioning the bag’s handle after one.