Thursday June 20th, 2024

Monochrome Monday: The Emerald Green Edition

Green is the colour of envy for a reason- even more when you put emerald into the equation.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Emerald green, derived from lush landscapes, enjoys global adoration and finds unique interpretations in different cultural fashion spheres. Its regal associations have consistently sparked creativity among designers worldwide, inspiring collections that blend style with hints of folklore. Given its enduring nature, we're revisiting the top picks of this captivating hue from regional fashion and accessories designers.

Yataghan Jewellery

Malachite Chakra Medium Charm Necklace

The star of the show is the malachite charm, distinguished by its deep green hue and intricate darker swirls. Paired with a complementary beaded chain, this necklace serves as an elegant accessory for any neckline.


Amiro Vert Lumineux

The opulent hue of the Dubai-based brand's heels suggests a hidden oasis of sensuality, amplified by the sleek stiletto and open-toe design.


Puffed Oak on Striped Grass

Glittering in a cascade of emerald green and metallic leather, the Okhtein bag features stripes of gleaming gold, infusing it with a daring flair.

Lana Jouni

Floating Dress in Green

Short, sensual and breezy, this staple Lama Jouni piece is a must-have mini-dress, which you can spice up or tone down whatever the occasion.

Wako Babes

The Jalapeno Babes Dress

While typically associated with winter, emerald green takes on a summery twist with Wako Babes. The Egyptian brand offers a crochet cover-up that seamlessly complements or contrasts with any swimsuit.

Kaf by Kaf

Green Leather Coat

Speaking of cooler times, the Saudi brand darkens it up in this Green Leather Coat, adding a stylish mark with its embossed fabric.

Nora Al Shaikh

Green Draped Kaftan

Inspired by the Japanese kimono, the kaftan drapes elegantly, adorned with swirling metallic embroidery, where deep side slits hint of movement.

Razan Alazzouni

Look 12

This distinctive piece from Razan Alazzouni incorporates emerald to enhance its creamy white base. With a floor-length silhouette, Alazzouni infuses volume into the embroidered design.

Maison Tabbah

Zambian emerald ring

Each facet of the Zambian emerald ring tells tales of its African inspiration, a jewel born from the heart of Zambia and crafted by Lebanese hands.